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What Does it Take to be a Marketer Nowadays?

Mark Schaefer recently posted an interview with Marketing Great Denis Sison about what it is going to take to succeed in marketing in today's landscape.

"I think one of the problems in marketing - where we've really gotten it wrong - is that we put ourselves in silos. You're the storyteller, you're the data guy, you handle the social media piece, you're the person in charge of ads, etc. And nobody is talking to each other and nobody is integrating the activities.


So I'm a firm believer that for the marketer of today, especially as we move into the world of AI, we need to effectively and efficiently bring everything under one roof and synthesize activities to drive outcomes." said Sison.


It is this exact sentiment that drove me to create stok.communications - a place where we can look after the full spectrum of marketing, end to end, and integrate all your activities to create your strategy, synergy and success.


In Summary - Marketers Need to Wear 4 Hats:


Sison responded to Mark's post saying we (marketers) need to wear 4 hats:


  1. Scientist (data and experimentation)

  2. Strategist (making decisive choices that matter)

  3. Storyteller (compelling narratives)

  4. Socialiser (narratives worth sharing)

Reply to this post from Denis on LinkedIn

Senior Marketing Leader adopting AI to drive Growth and Social Impact of Brands, Businesses and People

Appreciate this Elisabeth! The relevance of Marketing in driving positive change in today's world cannot be underscored enough. It depends on us how we want to utilize the tools, knowledge and skills to make a real impact!

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