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The marketing landscape has never changed and evolved so quickly and diversly as it has in the last ten years. We're all learning. Everyday we learn new things. New platforms appear. Old platforms add new things.  The terminology keeps changing.  It can get confusing and overwhelming. 


So we created this FAQs page with some answers to commonly asked questions and queries.

What does Integrated Marketing  Solutions 

An integrated marketing solutions agency offers comprehensive and cohesive services to assist businesses in developing and executing their marketing strategies. These agencies specialise in creating unified marketing campaigns that encompass various channels and platforms, such as digital, social media, traditional advertising, public relations, and more. The goal of an integrated marketing solutions agency is to ensure that all marketing efforts work together synergistically to achieve maximum impact and effectiveness, reaching target audiences with consistent messaging and branding across multiple touchpoints.

What is IMC or Integrated Marketing Communications? 

The primary goal of an IMC agency is to ensure that all marketing efforts are seamlessly integrated to reinforce each other, enhance brand visibility, and ultimately achieve the desired marketing objectives.

By coordinating different marketing disciplines and maintaining consistent messaging, an IMC agency aims to create a more impactful and memorable experience for consumers while optimising the allocation of resources and efforts. This approach helps in building stronger brand identities and fostering better customer engagement.

Why is SEO so important?

Having and SEO strategy and complying with SEO guidelines is important because it will help your business appear higher in Google, or any, search engine results. This is called your ranking in Google. The higher your ranking, the more often your will show up for the keywords users search for that are relevant to you. This will create both awareness and added credibility for your brand and platform, but more importantly it will drive more traffic to your site. And more traffic means more conversions which means more sales and turnover.

Why is content so important on my site?

Written content on your site enables you to offer more important keywords to the SEO bots (the algorithm robots that continually audit everything on the internet). The more relevant keywords you can offer the bots, the better your site will rank for relevance and authority.

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