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Published Work

Shortly before the year 2000's I left London to embark on an epic year and a half of travels across South East Asia, China and India.  The idea was to keep going and to spend the eve of the year 2000s on a remote beach in India.  Had you asked me then, and even now, what my dream job would be, it would have been a photojournalist for National Geographic.


The image that captured my mind
and where I began my journey with writing and photography.

We used to get the 'Geo' delivered to our home throughout most of the 80s and I would spend hours pouring over the images, knowing that one day I would travel to far off exotic places and be able to at least try to capture something of the images and the stories I had read in those pages.

So I completed a Travel Writing and Journalism Diploma through The Morris College of Journalism before packing back backpack and heading off.

Whilst I didn't get it together to publish anythings whilst on the road - with Yahoo mail only just having arrived in Asia and 1 USD bought you a whole minute to sit and listen to the dial-up tone before, if you were lucky, 100 spam emails came flooding into your inbox.

When I returned home a week after the year 2000 I started to write and managed to get over 18 articles published about my travels. 

I have created a self-indulgent page here with some of my photography and the articles published in that time.

Commercial & Professional Writing

Below are some examples of commercial and professional writing I have done in more recent years.

Sinead O'Connor image in graffiti art

About a week after Sinead O'Connor's death I was curious to find out whether there was any information on the cause of death.

A fan of hers and her music, I had lost touch with her as a person over the past 20 plus years, aside for the recent rants on social media and fights with Miley Cyrus. As I started to research into her past thirty years, I was shocked at what I read an watched about the trauma she experienced and the subsequent battles with woman's health and mental heath. This article was published on the WOMAN Magazine website

Jenni & John Franich image

John & Jenni Franich are a client of WOMAN. As part of the portfolio of work we created for them and other clients for the platform, I interviewed them to bring together this profile piece on a wonderful couple in the New Zealand jewellery business.

architect article elle deco.png

A commissioned article featuring a home designed by architect Dean Jay and Paul Nel. Written by Elisabeth Ric Hansen (nee Caffyn-Parsons). Photographs by Angela Buckland.

This article is archived in the Smithsonian Libraries African Art section in New York.

malawi elle deco.png

A travel writing piece featuring Kawa Mawa Lodge  on Likoma Island Malawi where I traveled to on holiday. The article was not commissioned or sponsored, but bought by Elle Decoration. 


Photographs and wording by Elisabeth Ric Hansen (nee Caffyn-Parsons).

This article is archived in the Smithsonian Libraries African Art section in New York.

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