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Current Portfolio

This page contains a selection of work by stok.communications for their current clients and own marketing. For further information and details we will need to have a quick half hour consultation, which is free, where we can discuss your needs and we can explain how this may have worked for other clients. 

Brand, Marketing & PR



LinkedIn Awareness Post

stok.communications prides itself as a woman owned business servicing woman owned businesses. No, not all our clients are women, but we certainly have a mission in our hearts to use our skills and experience to service smaller growing businesses and do our part to help them succeed and scale.  This post went out on Women's Day on LinkedIn to celebrate our own achievements along with those of our clients and all women entrepreneurs.


Brand Identity  Logo & Website

One of my earliest clients, sounding board, mentor and human version of a tigress, Iwona Hosking. Iwona has an epic amount of experience, energy and drive that she is about to pass onto business owners and leaders through her own business coaching venture - The Empowered Collective.

We have designed her logo and website so far - with more exciting things to come.

Brand Identity & Website


google assets 500x500 (4).png
facebook (1200628 px).png

Brand Identity & Ecommerce Build

Sarah Kelt is a Hypnotherapist and Coach based in Auckland. Her highly successful business Mindset Transformations was ready to ramp up its digital marketing presence and drive sales 24/7 globally through the offer of a library of hypnosis audios to purchase and a selection of online courses. 

First we needed to build her ecommerce offer on her site and with that a series of marketing funnels, automations and nurture sequences to drive conversions of her product offer.

Part of the work included a revamp of parts of her website, themes, colour palettes and treatments of fonts to ensure they rendered well in the digital space across platforms and devices.

This included the designing of a new logo and brand identity.

Brand ID & Ecommerce


John Franich Jewellers

John & Jenni Franich have been operating out of West Auckland for decades. Their highly successful jewellery store and online business has been ticking over nicely for them. However the never ending spectrum of needs within the digital space required an extra pair of hands on deck. Someone who could both advise, strategies and implement the marketing activities, whilst as the same time dig into the back-end of the website, work on automations and make sure the business was connected across platforms and vendor platforms to maximise sales opportunities outside of the domain of the store. 

Focusing on SEO is paramount as we want to reduce reliance on paid advertising and build our organic reach. Content is being created monthly to build keywords for the brand.  In addition to wedding content, with Google's Performance Max adition, and the proliferation of video content being created and engaged with we have been building out video content for the brand showcasing our Wedding Competition and Custom Made Jewellery offer - 2 business pillars we defined in the strategy phase of our onboarding process with John Franich Jewellers.

Proposal Video Competetion-Web.jpg

Click to view The Competition Campaign.

Custom-Made 1080566.png

Click to view the Wedding Competition Video

Your Guide to Custom Made Jewellery with John Franich.png

Click to view Custom Made Video story.

Brand Strategy & Activation


logo and image.png

Daylight Moon

Daylight Moon is a locally designed and made women's clothing brand looking to scale their online presence. 

They had been highly successful with organic Instagram, but needed to reach a wider audience. The brand has a Shopify channel but had not ventured into Meta Ads or created their full Google Business, Google Merchant and Google Ads profile and integration into their Shopify site. 

Google & Meta Set-Up

Sustainability & Community

Copy of NEW LOGO 2023 TINTEX (4).png
64a2528b9e04f17c2ca2b1e2_Organisation-Carbon Conscious6.png


Audits & Certifications

In 2022 I completed the Cambridge University Business Sustainability Management Programme.  In 2022 we completed our first Carbon Foorprint Audit  in partnership with Mindful Fashion New Zealand for Tintex Limited, a local manufacturing business for the New Zealand Fashion Industry. Using the EKOS Carbon Footprint Tracking methodology we successfully audited the full end-to-end operations of the business to document and measure their emissions.  In addition to this we have begun to work the requirements for this business to achieve its B-Corp Certification. 


Community &
Giving Back

Tintex Limited has been on a journey with their sustainability and give back programmes. The business already offers employment and training to machinists in the textile and CMT industry in New Zealand. 

For Christmas 2023 the company launched its Give Back programme, adopting an Orang-Utan in support of the demise of the Rainforests of Borneo.  stok.communications sourced and managed the project and communications plan to clients and staff.

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