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October Updates - A Focus on Social Media Marketing

October was a busy month at stok.communications getting to know our new clients and realising just how much support everyone really does need to pull all these threads of marketing together.


Connecting the dots between your ecommerce platform, your digital marketing activities, your brand and personal profile and your customers' journey is critical to achieving results from your marketing funnels.


It's a complex digital world out there, and it is not getting any simpler or cheaper, let alone generating better ROI given the hot competition from global giants like Temu. If you missed my vocal complaint to Google on LinkedIn you can view it here.


Here are a couple of highlights I have picked up in the marketing airwaves over the last few weeks:

Social Media

Before TikTok we had - and still have - YouTube & Facebook - bigger on Social Media than ever!


If you haven't yet managed to get a TikTok profile sorted that's ok! It's less about the channel and more about the use of Video that is going to get your marketing out there.

Stats on Social Media Marketing and Video Effectiveness
Stats on Social Media Marketing and Video Effectiveness

Facebook and YouTube

Still leading the way in social media marketing

Recent studies in New Zealand also confirmed that Facebook still trumps Instagram and TikTok - likely driven by ~40% of the market being over the age of 35.


With the "tall poppy" syndrome, and the small population, influencers and "look-at-me" social media stars are just not as big here as they are elsewhere. Many of the NZ audiences prefer to use the social media tools to connect with family abroad, stay up to date with the news and what's going on in their community.


Cute videos of puppies and kittens aside

that is. :)

Graph Ranking the Social Media Site by Global Users
Graph Ranking the Social Media Site by Global Users

Studio News

Good News, our Photo Studio is now set up - so if you need some shots for your website or a new product launch to share with your media network, we can help get that shot in no time at all. We can supply images deep etched in PNG or JPEG files or we can use our smart AI tools to add some backgrounds, textures and colour blocks.

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