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All website development start with a user story, a user journey and a user experience framework. stok.communications' breadth of experience in research, journey mapping and user experience creation means you get the added value in this process of harnessing this expertise and thinking for your website to create something that is right for you from the start - and able to grow with you over time.


Choose from one of the following platforms:


  1. WIX - the stok.communications website was built on WIX. This is a great all-round platform for content as well as ecommerce.
  2. Shopify - designed for full ecommerce stores with multiple categories and product options. Shopify enables you to create a physical store, or pop-up store with an integrated point-of-sale solution - our stok.his.hers.home store was created on Shopify and ran for 2 years as a physical store.
  3. Wordpress - great for a site rich in content such as a digital publishing platform where you will constantly be loading new written content.
  4. Squarespace - the more simple platform and tool with excellent templates 


A Starter Pack Site Includes:


  1. Home page - design, layout and copywriting
  2. Contact page - including lead capture forms and booking links connected to your diaries
  3. Product page - up to 10 products loaded with copy and images (supplied or stock)
  4. Three Content Pages - copywritten and laid out with images and links


Add-ons include:

  • Payment integration set-up - $350
  • Marketing Automation set-up - $450

Website Starter Pack

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