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Once your website is up and running there is always room for improvement, new features to be added, new layouts to be tested, new plugins and other tricks of the trade to be trialled to improve on conversions and optimisation.


Do not create a trading website and walk away - a digital platform is a living breathing space and there is always room for continuous improvement. Just like you would remerchandise a store, do some cleaning and tidying and add new items, so too should you do so in the digital world.


We will review weekly:

1. Performance - site speed

2. New tech and ideas we can implement to improve performance, conversions and customer experience

3. Add 1-3 new enhancements, features or assets to keep the site fresh and new

4. Upload 1-5 new products to the site


NOTE: Photoshoots for imagery are as per the shoppable rates in our store.


Weekly Ecommerce Management

Price Options
Website Management
Weekly Upgrade Retainer
$540.00every week until canceled