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Your logo is an asset for your business. It is key to you standing out in the market. Being recognised and remembered. An established logo will evoke a person's memory structure and conjure up feelings - hopefully good ones.  The basics of font, colour and design will become your distinguishable brand assets and ultimately drive your audience's behaviour - attracting them, or even repelling them.


Logos enables us to navigate the world around us by creating shortcuts - even toddlers quickly start to navigate their world with familiar logos of places they like to visit, long before they can speak the names, they will point out logos as they navigate their world from the comfort of their stroller.  


Of course anyone can create quick logo online nowadays. But is the logo future-proof? Will it evolve with your business.  Is it distinctive. Does it say what you do and wrap up your brand ethos just by looking at it?  


We work with you to create a logo that accurately reflects your company’s mission and values.  This process involves many discussions and reverts which we have factored into our pricing.  We want you to be happy and have input but more importantly we want your logo to be usable - in colour, form and format - from outdoor signage to social media.


Our designs are crafted with care and thoughtfully created to make sure your logo stands out from the competition. We will work with you to create a logo that will perfectly capture the essence of your brand.


We always test our logo's in every possible configuration to make sure they are fit for any purpose should your business require it in the future.


Should you require something highly unique or hand-designed, we can discuss additional fees for this level of design service.


Once the logo is finalised, we will supply it in the following formats:

  • Landscape
  • Square
  • Favicon (icon)


  1. Colour
  2. Black on White
  3. White on Black


File formats of all the above will include:

  1. PDF
  2. See-Through PNGs
  3. JPEGS
  4. AI/Vector Files

Logo Design

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