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Whether you're a start-up, in growth phase or a mature business that needs to know "where to next?" and how do we get there.  We can offer a brand strategy for your company. For most businesses this is a step that has been missed or glossed over as they have rallied for deliverables and turnover in the start-up phase. So it is not surprising that once the initial flurry is over, the cracks start to show.


This step is recommended at any stage of your business life cycle and is best done before a Marketing Strategy, as this forms the foundation to inform the choices you need to make around content, channel, spend and messaging in your marketing.


The Tier 1 consulting packages are designed for SMEs with an annual marketing budget of <$60k.


The process will include:


  • Research - desktop (if paid research is required this will be costed separately)
  • Review of how the brand shows up in your end-to-end customer journey.
  • Benchmarking and competitor review - modelling your differentiation 
  • Review of current activities and business objectives
  • Review of current marketing strategy



  • Your Brand DNA - Vision | Mission | Values - Ethos | Culture | Purpose
  • Your Customer Value Proposition - Differentiation | Positioning
  • Your 11 Ways to Win Model - 5 Ps and Then Some
  • Your Brand Bible & Guidelines - incl Brand Personality & Tone of Voice


Should you require a new logo, please add the "Logo Design" package to your cart.


Thereafter we can look at how we can help execute this strategy, or work with your existing partners on briefing and implementation.


Tier 2 and 3 consulting is for larger business and will include more in-depth detail and data-analytics where we will bring in additional collaborators and specialists.


Brand Strategy