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Corporate & Branded Clothing

Through our sister company Tintex Sample & Textile

Branded Clothing

Get T-shirts, caps and wearable items designed and produced through us.

Designs & Sampling
for Uniforms and Corporatewear

What your team of people who greet your customers everyday look like is integral to your overall brand and customer experience.


Our sister company Tintex Sample and Textiles design, sample, cut and sew high end garments for the New Zealand design and fashion industry. 

We are able to manufacture locally or offshore and can assist with design and pattern making for any requirements you may have for your business. 

Woman Measuring
Clothing Products Packaging

Corporate Clothing 
Sourcing & Manufacture

We can either source items off-shore or locally and get items made up for your.  If locally-made is part of your brand DNA and you value sourcing items with a low carbon footprint through a visible and ethical supply chain - we can help with that. 

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