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stok.communications is a niche integrated marketing communications agency.


We specialising in delivering an end-to-end customer experience for your brand through the integration of SaaS tools and AI to maximise efficiencies and minimise your operating costs.

Where Visions Collide

"Your customer journey may start with creating Awareness,

but it doesn't end there.  

Once a customer is in the funnel, turning them into a lead, encouraging trial and retaining them comes down to a series of marketing tools that we can help with" 

Every business is at a different stage of their brand and marketing journey, so their needs will be different.

To see where you are at. Take the survey below.

What we do

Business, Product & Marketing Strategy & Planning

Customer Journey Mapping through Research,
Data Analytics
 & Stakeholder Engagement

 Branding  - DNA + Differentiators   

WIX, Shopify & Wordpress - Website Integrations, Automations & Website Creation  SEO + Content Strategies + Writing 
Campaign Management Developing The Creative 

Social Media  Digital Marketing  Google | Meta & TikTok Set-Ups

Profile Building + PR & Event Creation & Management

Sustainability Strategies, Roadmaps & Compliance

What we do
and like most other
overnight successes
it was 20 years in the making

Sam Walton

This is us

Our 20 plus years of experience means we are able to put the strategy and the knowledge into the doing.

We started stok. in 2020 initially as an omnichannel retail store, using our combined experience in end-to-end retail and upskilling ourselves in the back-end of Shopify, Google & Meta. Through the years of watching businesses grow their silos and lose their hearts we decided it was time to turn stok. into an end-to-end integrated marketing communications agency.

Strategising is gratifying.

Doing is fulfilling.

Through a unique process that we bring from our experience in marketing management, business strategy and brand building, we will be able to assess your business, identify the painpoints and where you are losing customers in the journey and build out a plan and delivers on your objectives.

We collaborate with a number of specialists, thought leaders and experts in their field, depending on the client, to deliver the right solution and outcomes for your business.

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Partners, Platforms & Affiliates

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Brands we have helped
build, shape & grow in our career

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mr price logo
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sheet street homewares store part of mr price group
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Waitapu Group
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