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Elisabeth Ric Hansen

Personal Profile

In my heart I am a wanderer. A traveller and an observer.  I love to document: write, collect, take photos - and hundreds of screenshots as I journey through my day.


So if I am not travelling in person, which has been for some time now, I am exploring in thought.  My curiosity and lateral thinking leads me to many different places to find answers to my client's questions and problems.

What I have learnt in my career is a mixture of skills, but one of the more important ones is that it is sometimes better to try, move quickly, not wait for perfection and know that if you have to fail, fail fast, pivot and try again.  There is never a perfect time.

Operating in a digital world enables you to do this - and the work is never done.  To build your competitive advantage, you have to keep moving.

Through a process of observing, looking outwardly and constantly testing and learning, we will be able to help you build a brand and and business that delivers to your customers through a process of continuous improvement.


Few people have the opportunity to work with someone as passionate as Elisabeth. I had the opportunity to work with her over 20+ months at The Warehouse Group across a wide variety of CX projects and initiatives. Elisabeth was able to put key CX programs of work into place, and began the hard work of connecting and aligning teams towards common CX goals. Elisabeth would be a real asset to any organisation looking to take on customer experience as a priority.

Johnathan Waecker
Chief Customer Officer
The Warehouse Groups


Below are a series of brands and companies Elisabeth has worked for, or worked on, in a number of roles as head of marketing, running internal agencies and managing digital platforms.


"Each and every opportunity was a fantastic learning experience," says Elisabeth 

Her ability to learning about new and diverse markets, new product categories and work with a number of different leadership styles has enabled Elisabeth to to grow her own leadership style and capabilities.

Her focus has always been to drive the delivery of the brand proposition through the end-to-end customer experience of the brand. 

"I always spend a lot of time listening," she says, "listening to clients, leaders, customers and the people who work with the customers everyday. That's the best way to learn about a business. To find out what their unique proposition is and define their competitive advantage."

"Your brand is not just a logo and a mission statement poster on the wall,

it's what people feel and say about your brand that counts"

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Over the years Elisabeth has embraced and sought opportunities for further learning beyond her University Degree that lean into her passions - writing, sustainability and sociology - understanding humans; the humans we work with, the ones we market to.

university-of-cambridge logo


The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership covered the following modules:

  • How to integrate sustainable practices across business strategy covering the following topics:

  • Sustainability challenges and opportunities

  • The business case and leadership for action

  • Regulatory environment and international policy

  • Production and consumption

  • Design, technology and planning for sustainability

  • Communication and marketing

  • Collaboration and partnerships

  • Rewiring the business approach

Elisabeth has since worked with 2 large organisations and 2 SMEs on completing their Toitu Envirocare Certification, EKOS Carbon Audit and Certification and B-Corp Certification.  This involved audits, collation of data and information and assessments. 


Retail Strategy

Lawrence J Ring served on the board of directors at the Mr Price Group which enabled the leadership team to have their own exclusive Babson retail crash course with Larry Ring in the Drakensburg mountains to learn the retail fundamentals he teaches at The William & Mary College.

  • Thinking strategically about your business

  • Become more data driven in building strategy, including financial modelling and productivity analysis

  • Interpret consumer competitive, and market research insights effectively — and implement changes based on the data.

  • Develop and apply enhanced merchandising management and assortment strategy.

  • Manage strategic resources efficiently

gordon institute of business science
university of stellenbosch business school

Executive MBA


Bachelor Social Science

After completing her University Degree in Marketing, Business Management, Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy, Elisabeth headed out into the world - living and working in London and the USA, and travelling extensively before taking on a more serious career in retail. During her time in retail she was fortunate to gain further opportunities for certifications in Leadership and Business Management, including completing an Executive Masters in Business Administration.

  • Business Finance

  • Marketing Management

  • Business Process Management

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Cross functional leadership.

  • Leading through change - change management

  • Business transformation.

  • Strategy formulation and implementation.

  • Personal leadership - coaching and mentoring.

british college of journalism logo


Before embarking on a two year trip across India, South East Asia and China before the 2000's, Elisabeth completed a journalism diploma so she could write about her travels. She was subsequently published in multiple magazines and newspapers and continues to freelance to this day.

The British College of Journalism and Morris College of Journalism offer the tutorship and course insights of highly skilled and experienced, journalists and editors from a number of highly regarded media outlets in the UK such as the BBC and Time Media Group.


Their skills and experience, cover all publishing genres to provide students with an intimate knowledge of how to write just about anything, for anyone.

The College is approved with the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC) across the world including the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Asia and Australasia. 

+64 28 435 2112

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