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Lessons on Winning The Game from a South African Rugby Team:

Reflecting on a series of nail-biting games the Springboks had to play in the 2023 RWC, and the massive turnourounds in scores from a sure loss to a 1 point win on 2 (or was it 3?) occassions, I thought about their performance in light of what it takes to be a winning company and brand in 2023.

Springboks winning the rugby world cup 2023
Springboks Winning the Rugby World Cup 2023
  1. Everyone on the team acts like and supports the leader and takes ownership - Empathy, Heart & Authenticity. But when the leader makes a decision you get behind them and support them, even when the end result didn't quite work out. If a leader is thrown under the bus at every "loss" the team will never grow together and gel together.

  2. The Goal is for the Whole - not the Individual. When you really care about your customer (your fans) and feel like you owe it to them to do your best, you will. 

  3. Passion, Tenacity, Resilience and Grit - these things can't always be taught, they are in your nature - you either take flight - or you fight.

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